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There are so many website builders and platforms out there and the options are growing by the day! So how do you know which one is the right fit for you? The truth is, the best website platform for you varies based on your specific wants and needs. This is something I tell all of […]

Best Website Platform for Service Providers

A person sketching out a website wireframe.
Web Design
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You’re gonna want to bookmark this one! I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, running a business is hard work. Which is why I rely on systems and processes to keep everything organized and on schedule. Are you like me? You know, the type of person who will NOT remember X,Y, or Z unless it is written […]

Business Tools I Use as a Designer

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Katie B Style is owned by Katie Bjorlin who is a personal stylist and reseller. She helps women simplify their closets, find their personal style, & wear outfits they feel confident in. Do you ever need a second eye on which jeans to buy? *Spoiler alert* I did! I hired Katie to help me purchase […]

The Katie B Style Project

A personal stylist smiling in the mirror at herself.
Case Study